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Clinical Trials Put the Fun Back into Medicine

by LillyPad 07/30/15

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Today’s guest blog comes from Nashat Gabrail, MD. He is board certified in internal medicine and oncology. Nashat operates the Gabrail Cancer Center in Canton, Ohio, and is a board member of the Coalition for Clinical Trials Awareness. A version of this post also appeared on our Campaign for Modern Medicines blog

During medical society meetings and presentations by colleagues, I often see PowerPoint slides on recommended courses of care. The slides inevitably look the same: First line of care—therapy A, second line of care—therapy B, third line of care—therapy C.  And then, at the very bottom—clinical trials.

At this point in the presentations, I raise my hand and say “Excuse me, but there’s an error.  Your slide is upside down.”

My colleagues get the joke. Some laugh. But the importance of clinical trials is no joking matter.

Experimental drugs don’t have to be a last resort. After all, they are patients’ only hope for treatment that outperforms the standard of care. They are also the only way to discover and approve new drugs.


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