Your view: Behold the evolution of tyranny

Letter to the Editor

Posted May 27, 2013 @ 09:06 PM

The Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chavez, led a coup in 1994 as an armored brigade commander. He failed and was jailed for awhile. The mercy of democracy forgave and forgot. A few years later, masquerading as the poor man’s guy, he won the presidential election thanks to democracy and to the ill-informed voters who forgot his previous tyrannical behavior.

Hitler despised the democratic process that brought him to power. He attacked the system with vigor and viciousness. The rest of the list of people who commanded power and authority in the name of the poor and disadvantaged is too long to list here, but the point should be crystal clear.

Tyrannical forces have learned a lesson. They learned to evolve in order to achieve their goals. They learned that they don’t have to physically assassinate their opponents to eliminate them; that would be an obvious violation of the law. Instead, they resort to tactics that can be, on the surface, legally justified.

That should be an easy task, since they appoint their cronies to oversee the law of the land — so the IRS can scrutinize any opposing political organization, and the attorney general can find legal means of targeting those who oppose the “revolution” and indict the media in the name of protecting government secrets and national security.

This may be a lesson learned from history. When Hitler killed the gypsies, no one cared. When he killed the Jews, the rest of Europe thought that had nothing to do with them. When he killed the Catholics, people finally became suspicious. When he invaded the rest of Europe, it was too late to act.

They needed the free United States of America to save them from tyranny; but, we need to be free to save the world from tyrannical forces.