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4th of July Freedoms

President Ronald Reagan was the master of humor in politics. While talking about taxes he said, "For the Republicans every day is July 4th and for the Democrats every day is April 15th.” Of course, he never intended to smear the Democrats as non-freedom lovers. All Americans, regardless their political views and affiliations are patriots. We all love our freedom; we differ on how to exercise the freedom to make America a better place—a shining light on the hill. We...

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Your view: Behold the evolution of tyranny

Letter to the Editor Posted May 27, 2013 @ 09:06 PM The Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chavez, led a coup in 1994 as an armored brigade commander. He failed and was jailed for awhile. The mercy of democracy forgave and forgot. A few years later, masquerading as the poor man’s guy, he won the presidential election thanks to democracy and to the ill-informed voters who forgot his previous tyrannical behavior. Hitler despised the democratic process that brought him to power. He...

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