August 16, 2016

Cost Effectiveness

CAT scan that ties Quality with Low Cost

—Cost Effectiveness

Nash Gabrail M.D., the founder of Gabrail Cancer Center, has proven through his book, “Good Medicine is Cheaper Medicine,” that cost-conscious medicine actually proved better medicine. The insurance industries and patients recognize our center for doing just that. In the business of the auto industry more expensive cars are usually better quality, but the same is hardly true in healthcare and many other service products.

For their services physicians have accepted Medicare payments as reasonable enough to continue being Medicare providers. Yet, many self-pay individuals and those who have private insurance are realizing that they get charged fees for CAT scans that vastly exceed the Medicare fee schedule several fold. We don’t believe that is reasonable or fair. If Medicare fees are reasonable, then we don’t see why the uninsured should pay more!

Four years after we opened our Instant Imaging suite, some insurance companies realized that shopping around is a successful means of cost-containment. That was initially obvious for those who have a hefty out-of-pocket or deductible in their insurance policies. Insurance companies acted! They started informing their enrollees of our line of service.

Uninsured private-pay patients also discovered Instant Imaging through word-of-mouth. Like the insurance carriers, when their physician ordered a CAT scan, they call Instant Imaging to have it scheduled. The savings have been substantial and the quality was an added bonus. Obviously, most patients would say a CAT scan is a CAT scan regardless. However, when they encounter the friendly, professional staff, the prompt service and convenient scheduling offered at our center, they become our advocates.

See how it works? Free market competition can and does result in better quality and cost-effective services, but only for those who do their due diligence. Be one of them. You will be pleasantly surprised.


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