August 18, 2016

Good Medicine is Cheaper Medicine


The vast experience and knowledge that Nash Gabrail M.D. has in Hematology /Oncology and Internal Medicine was translated into a book about the pitfalls in the health care system in America. Dr. Gabrail derived his observations and conclusions from his medical experience in three diverse medical systems and cultures: Iraq, Scotland, and the United States.

To summarize this 165-page book, Dr. Gabrail concludes that more money and resources spent on patient care do not necessarily translate into better outcomes. In fact, studies done after the book was published have demonstrated that the contrary might be true. That is, higher cost is associated with worse outcomes.

A critical conclusion he reached in the book was that employers and patients have to be in the driver’s seat. They have to watch quality and cost. They equally have the duty to choose the providers (hospitals and doctors) based on cost. In fact, the book resulted in a business model that Dr. Gabrail co-founded, Employers Health Care Savings, where on-site clinics at the work place provide health care access at a lower cost, less hospitalization, and emergency room visits.

The book has received great reviews by readers, especially employers, their health care advisors, and patients.

For information on how to obtain a copy of his book “Good Medicine is Cheaper Medicine”, contact or call 330-492-3345.


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