August 16, 2016

Patient Testimonials

 “Almost like a VIP treatment… I think, ‘Wow, am I special or something?’ You know, it was just amazing: they knew my name, they got things done really quick, and they accommodate me really well ’cause i fly in from Arizona for treatments…”


Prostate Cancer

 “Everyone has certain heroes in their lives. I’ve got God, I’ve got my husband, and now I’ve got Dr. Gabrail.”




Ovarian Cancer

 “He talked to my husband and my two sons and said… he could fix this.  We were excited about that.”



Delores, Michael’s wife


 “Dr. Gabrail has been fantastic. He’s helped me with a sense of urgency… He gets to it right away. It’s just been all around a blessing.”




 “I’ve been impressed with the accessibility to the center. Actually, I can almost walk in any time…”



Mary Lee