August 16, 2016


Why get your CAT scan at Instant Imaging?


The essence of better health care delivery is the combination of high-quality and cost-conscious services. Nash Gabrail M.D., the founder of Gabrail Cancer Center, added Instant Imaging to the growing number of services provided at his center.  Being a cancer center that is heavily involved in clinical research necessitates the utmost accuracy and superb quality of imaging services, as all clinical trials that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) require imaging accuracy and accountability. Before the CAT scanner was added to the cancer center there were issues with the quality of reports and access to the images produced by outside services.

The conclusion: the best way to minimize imaging issues was to take control of the technical and professional qualities of the CAT scan. We, as well as the clinical researchers, have been happy since then.

CAT scans are done in a timely fashion.  Critical is the fact that our radiologist, who reads the scans, receives the images electronically minutes after the scan is completed. He has instant access to the ordering clinician, if he needs to discuss a finding urgently. In fact, the radiologist accesses our electronic medical records where he can look at physician notes and other relevant clinical data when necessary. Likewise, Dr. Gabrail has direct access to the radiologist whenever he wants to discuss radiology findings.

The same is true when patients are referred for a CAT scan from community physicians. Patients are scheduled as soon as their schedule allows. Once the scans are performed, the reports are on the desk of the referring physician within 24 hours for the elective cases and within minutes for emergency cases.

Free market competition drives quality up and cost down. Instant Imaging has been a prime example of the success of the competitive edge.


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