August 18, 2016

The Cancer Gene

thecancergeneThe author, Nash Gabrail, M.D., founder of Gabrail Cancer Center shares with the reader his vast knowledge and experience in the field of cancer diagnoses and treatment with special emphasis on cancer inheritance and genetics. The intended audience is high graduates and above; hence, minimal scientific terms were included in the book.

In Dr. Gabrail’s view, cancer cells are a miniature of the universe in evolutionary terms. He explains the great similarities of species evolution according to Darwin’s Theory and the mutation and evolution of cancer cells which ultimately renders them resistant to chemotherapy.

Explaining the genetic basis of cancer falls short of the desired goal without emphasis on methods of cancer prevention and early detection with specifics addressed to families who have genetic cancer predisposition.

In this writing, Dr. Gabrail felt compelled to expand the thought process about inheritance, not only of the cancer-causing genes, but also to the genetics of normal and abnormal features of human beings. In fact, he draws correlation between the evolution of the universe and the biological evolution of species and cancer cells. He explains a new concept of a universal system of faithful repetitiveness with great similarities starting with the structure of the atom and ending with constellations in the universe.

In essence, the book is a compacted wealth of information that is applicable to most disciplines of life and creation, including a special chapter about the biology of homosexuality and its potential genetic origins.


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