August 16, 2016

What to expect?


Each time you come to the office we ask that you check in with our receptionist. Our receptionist can answer any questions you may have, or direct you to the appropriate staff member. This is also the appropriate area to notify our staff of any insurance changes you may have. They will collect any co-payments or referrals that are required by your insurance.


Phlebotomy refers to the procedure of drawing blood for a laboratory test. Many of the decisions about your treatment are based on your lab results. You may be asked to wait until the tests have been processed before you receive chemotherapy or leave the office. Some test results are not immediately available; they can be obtained later from your doctor or nurse.


The future of pharmaceutical innovation has never been brighter. New state-of-the-art  medicines in development are the result of recent knowledge about disease and the pharmaceutical industry’s commitment to research and development. Gabrail Cancer Center maintains dedicated trained research staff to conduct and promote high quality clinical research. Our commitment and sincere hope is to provide potentially promising therapies to patients through research.


When you arrive for your chemotherapy treatment or other type of infusion, we ask that you check in with the receptionist. Most likely you will have blood drawn before going to the treatment area. The amount of time you spend in the treatment area can vary depending on your treatment. Please ask your nurse for specific information about the length of your treatment.

We provide blankets, pillows, board games, cards, cable television, and more. You are also welcome to bring your own personal items or other comfort measures such as blankets, CD players with headphones, or your favorite book.


GCC now has its own IN-HOUSE PHARMACY (LIBERTY PHARMACY) where most all prescription medications can be furnished for patients.
Benefits of obtaining medications through the Liberty Pharmacy:
  • Convenience for patients, making it a one-stop shop by eliminating the need to go to a retail pharmacy in addition to their appointments.
  • Time to start therapy is reduced, since many of the medications are kept in stock rather than waiting on mail order prescriptions through specialty pharmacies.
  • Therapies are synchronized since GCC handles both the in-office infusions as well as oral medications.
  • GCC furnishes medications as they are needed which eliminates the unnecessary waste of medications due to change in therapies or dosing or due to an allergic reaction.
  • GCC seeks financial assistance to help lower out-of-pocket cost to patients.


Please make sure that you schedule your next visit and any other appointments that need to be made prior to leaving the office.


It is the policy of Gabrail Cancer Center that all new patients are seen within 48 hours of notification. Established patients are seen immediately when warranted.


Wireless Internet is available within the lobby, treatment rooms, and research area for use by patients, families and visitors. Please ask our staff if you require assistance.