August 10, 2016

Our Services

Gabrail Cancer Center provides individualized, personal boutique style cancer care. Each patient is seen and treated by one physician and the same friendly, educated and experienced staff.Unlike a large institution where patients are assigned a physician and a different team each visit; patients at GCC are treated by exactly the same team who know the patient by face, name, disease, stage and plan of treatment- both short and long term.

GCC believes that expansion of a facility is nothing but commercialization of a service that is meant to care for the most unfortunate people in the society. GCC had the opportunity and ability to expand, like many other institutions did, but chose not to, fearing the real risk of losing focus of the mission of the center; which is caring for as many cancer patients as we can with a more personal approach. Our patients satisfaction surveys attest to the validity of our unconventional philosophy.

Gabrail Cancer Center and staff provides a full-range of services, including:

Clinical Trials

Clinical research studies are an essential tool in the development of new and potentially life-saving therapies. Since 1990, Gabrail Cancer Center’s research department has been a national leader in the field of oncology research, participating in studies involving innovative and investigational medicines and therapies. Gabrail Cancer Center remains at the forefront in research studies, investigating the most up-to-date therapies available.

When patients choose to participate in a study, they will be taking advantage of the newest treatments available. At the same time, they are helping other patients by providing valuable new insights into their condition.  While on study, these patients receive close monitoring of their progress while continuing to receive the same high standard of care that all patients enjoy.

Patients interested in participating in a research study or those who would like more information about current studies should ask their doctor or contact GCC’s Chief Operations Officer, Carrie Smith R.N.,

Click here for a complete listing of the open clinical trials at Gabrail Cancer Center.

Infusion Therapy

Private Infusion suites are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and staffed by a team of highly trained oncology nurses.  Infusion services can be provided either in a spacious room along with other patients or in a private room depending on patients’ preference. GCC is a certified Reclast Infusion Center.

Instant Imaging

CT scans are a valuable tool in diagnosing and monitoring your illness.  The physician may order different types of radiology services during treatment and follow-up.  GCC’s Staff assists patients by scheduling these studies and providing instructions for preparation.

Family Cancer Registry

The Family Cancer Registry (FCR) was formed for patients and families to learn about the possible genetically inherited risk of cancer. The physician analyzes the family tree, looking for a specific pattern to determine if there is indeed a genetic predisposition to develop cancer. Formal genetic testing is done when deemed necessary. Family members are counseled about methods of prevention, early detection or even prophylactic surgery procedures.

On-site Lab Services

For the convenience of patients and rapid test turn around, GCC’s facility has an on-site laboratory for blood collection and laboratory testing. This added convenience eliminates the need for patients to make a separate visit to another facility (unless an insurance plan dictates otherwise). GCC’s laboratory is equipped with the latest technology to be found in the medical field and is CLIA certified.

Community Outreach

Dr. Gabrail and staff are available to attend speaking engagements to educate the community about cancer and cancer research. For more information about our efforts or to book an event, email