August 11, 2016

Sponsor Testimonials

“The clinical research unit at the Gabrail Cancer Center is an experienced investigative site.  They firmly grasp the elements of data quality and integrity, adherence to the study protocol as well as applicable written procedures for collecting, recording, reporting, maintaining clinical trial information, and the preparation of essential documents (including source documents), at all stages throughout the conduct of a clinical trial.

The staff are appropriately qualified persons to whom Dr. Gabrail has delegated trial-related duties, who perform their tasks skillfully and efficiently.

The site meets all principles for investigative sites, including but not limited to: investigator and staff qualifications, generating and maintaining study records, and maintaining subject safety and confidentiality.”

– Warren


“The Dr. Gabrail and his staff at the Gabrail Cancer Center are an amazing group of healthcare and research professionals! I had the pleasure of working with them for 2.5 years while they were participating in my company’s lung cancer study. Dr. Gabrail demonstrated a sincere compassion for all of his patients and a commitment to provide them with the best treat possible. I was impressed by how well he knew each of his patients, right down to the specific results of their recent laboratory tests.

The research staff at GCC is a wonderful group to work with. They are friendly, responsive and were committed to following every detail of our protocol. Most importantly, they are open to feedback so that they can continue to improve their processes and their services.”

– Paul


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