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Americans for Community Research
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Canton, OH – August 8, 2016, Americans for Community Research (ACR) is pleased to announce the launch of a new non-profit organization.

The goal of ACR is to support the increased participation of patients in locally administered clinical trials in an effort to accelerate the pace of research and approval of new therapies in the treatment of cancer and other life threatening diseases.

ACR is a newly established non-profit organization that is dedicated to educating the public through a multi-front media campaign to explain the process and importance of pharmaceutical development and
of the necessity of a more efficient drug-approval process. We are confident that with the support of all
interested parties, this public education will shift the dialogue from a frontal attack on the pharmaceutical industry to a factually supported demonstration of the importance of clinical research.

To achieve the goals desired, a renowned consultant who has broad medical, economic, and political
knowledge is needed. Nashat Y Gabrail, M.D, founder and director of the Gabrail Cancer Center in Canton, Ohio, will help lead the charge using his clinical and research experience as a first-rate practitioner and researcher. Dr. Gabrail will work with ACR to help educate the public on the merits of clinical research and the realities of the inefficient drug approval process.

ACR’s campaign is going to be multi-pronged, including:

1. An online website with periodic blogs on drug development and the public’s debate about
pharmaceutical companies
2. Educational public programs sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and community research
3. Annual conferences of the community physicians to help expand the base of clinical research and
pharmaceutical company support

“It is impossible to do this all on our own and ACR will need the support of not only community physicians but also more importantly the pharmaceutical industry itself. We hope you join us,” Nash Gabrail M.D.

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