August 26, 2016


July 4th Freedoms By Nash Gabrail, MD

President Ronald Reagan was the master of humor in politics. While talking about taxes he said, “For the Republicans every day is July 4th and for the Democrats every day is April 15th.” Of course, he never intended to smear the Democrats as non-freedom lovers… click here to read the entire article.

Your view: Behold the evolution of tyranny by Nash Gabrail, MD (May 27th, 2013) Canton Repository

The Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chavez, led a coup in 1994 as an armored brigade commander. He failed and was jailed for awhile. The mercy of democracy forgave and forgot. Click here to read the whole article.

The Truth about Health Care Political Advertisements by Nash Gabrail, MD (August 21st, 2012)

Generals throughout history have been disgusted with the actions and decisions made by politicians in military matters. Likewise, economists often resort to their books trying to make sense of what policymakers say and do. Click here to read the entire article.

Jackson Township oncologist using smallpox virus in cancer trial by Charita Goshay (May 26th, 2013) Canton Repository

Smallpox. The very word conjures up images of an epidemic, deathly sick people, and a different age and time. But today, the smallpox virus is being seen as a possible key in combating cancer. Click here to read the entire article.

Iraqi siblings together for first time in 31 years Canton Repository

Dr. Nashat Y. Gabrail recently hosted a family gathering for some of his siblings. And it only took three decades to make it happen. The Jackson Township oncologist and two of his four other siblings were able to see their youngest sister, Nashida Tossa, for the first time in 31 years. Click here to read the entire article.

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month by Nash Gabrail, MD

November is the Pancreatic cancer awareness month. In fact this month is designated as the awareness month for three deadly cancers with a total annual mortality rate that exceeds 220,000 deaths per year. Click here to read the entire article.

Are we over diagnosing cancer? If so, why? by Nash Gabrail, MD

Mark Twain said there are three different types of lies: there are lies, there are damn lies, and there are statistics. In the last two decades or so, the incidence of prostate cancer has risen by almost 70%, but the death rate has stayed the same. Likewise, the incidence of breast cancer has doubled from 1 in 14 women to 1 in 7, yet the death rate remains constant. Click here to read the entire article.

Evolution of “Onconomics” from a physician’s point of view by Nash Gabrail, MD (August/September 2008) HONI(Hematology & Oncology News & Issues)

Evolution is at the heart of understanding cancer cells. Through mutations, cancer cells gain growth and survival advantages. Oncologists understand and fear mutation and cancer evolution, since this is what causes drug resistance and cancer progression. Click here to read the entire article.

Nutrition and Cancer by Nash Gabrail, MD

The main scenario of succumbing to cancer is cachexia, which means loss of muscle mass and weight. There is a strong relationship between muscle mass and the immune system. When we lose muscle not only do the T- and B- lymphocyte count and function deteriorate; it also results in immobility… click here to read the entire article.

Multiple Myeloma by Nash Gabrail, MD

March is earmarked as the Multiple Myeloma recognition month. I wish we had more than twelve months a year to honor the victims who represent an excess of 100 different types of cancers that we fight. Click here to read the entire article.

May is the Cancer Research Month by Nash Gabrail, MD

There is probably no other field currently that has as much impact on human lives as does cancer research. Until a few years ago, cancer was equated with death and dying as well as, surrender and defeat.  Not anymore!  Cancer is now viewed as a terrorist that we can defeat only if we understand it: its movements, its behavior, and what makes it tick. Click here to read the entire article.

Saving Lives with Lung Cancer Screening by Nash Gabrail, MD

The death rate from lung cancer exceeds 150,000 annually. Smoking cessation is the ultimate remedy to abrogate that statistic, but that has proven hard to achieve. Nonetheless, the anti‐smoking campaign is proving to be marginally effective in the short term and will yield fruits in the years to come. Smoking today doesn’t cause cancer tomorrow. Click here to read the entire article.